Friday, November 10, 2017

Christmas Decorating at Grandma

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 We have a family tradition where the family would go to Grandma's the day after school is out for the Christmas holidays.  We would pack up the car and head to Grandma's house.  We sang Christmas Carols all the way there.  This is a happy time for our family.

When we arrived, Grandma always had her usual treat for us.  The hot chocolate with marshmallows and sugar cookies were the perfect treat.  Grandma would sit in her rocker and Papa in his large recliner chair.  Daddy and Mama always sit on the large sofa and the kids were on the floor near the fireplace.  It was great to be at Grandma this time of the year.  

In the morning it would be a special time for everyone.  All the family would decorate the house for Christmas.  Papa would get the largest tree on the farm.  This was his favorite thing to do at Christmas.  The tree would always be large and full.  It was the perfect tree.  Daddy would get the decoration from the special closet where it had been stored after the holidays. 

Everyone was excited as we sang carols and laugh while we went about decorating.  After each piece had been placed in its proper place,  Papa would turn the lights off in the room.  He would then switch on the Christmas light.  It would be beautiful. 

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