Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Christmas Day at Grandma's House

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I was awakened by the beautiful carol, "Silent Night."  Mama and Grandma were in the kitchen finishing the Christmas dinner.  The house smelled of roasted turkey and apple pies.  It was wonderful.  I was happy.  I had much to be happy about it is Christmas Day at Grandma's house.

"Carrie, dear, it's time to get up,"  Mama called as she opened my door.

"Merry Christmas Mama,"  I said.  I rolled out of bed.

Mama came over to give me a hug.  

"Merry Christmas Carrie,"  she said.  "You better shower and get dressed.  Your Granny has prepared a wonderful breakfast for the family."

I hurried and got dressed.  I went downstairs to the dining room.  Everyone was there.

"Merry Christmas everyone," I said while setting in my chair. 

Grandma had a huge breakfast ready.  She had made homemade biscuits, scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, jelly, milk.

Papa said grace.  We were ready to eat and eat we did.  As usual, I ate too much.

Grandma and Mama cleaned the kitchen.  I helped.  It was fun.  Grandma and Mama caught up on news about the rest of the family. I listened.
After clean up, we went into the living room with everyone.  We talked and played games for hours.

It was finally dinner.  Mama and Grandma went into the dining room and set the table. I went with them.  The men followed.  It was a joyous event for the whole family.

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